Putting it all together!

I know that sometimes I see things in a store, and love how it’s displayed or used, but then when I get home, I’m not completely sure how to utilize what I bought in my space (yes it happens to us too!). I wanted to show how somethings we had in the store, resulted in a home!

Here you see a beautiful three tier stand paired with things to work in the kitchen. Having a newly bought item be beautiful, affordable, and functional are the trifecta of home design!

On the top shelf you see a collection of old vintage silverware passed down through the family tied with twine. Every time these are seen it reminds of special people who are no longer with us.

On the second tier, items used in cooking are stored in old mason jars. Anytime you can put food in a container to be displayed, you’ve hit the jackpot!

On the bottom tier, our numbered galvanized pots have been utilized to grow herbs by the window! So adorable, and notice our wired burlap ribbon that was wrapped around just to add an extra detail. Lastly, notice our Colonial Candles taper candles wrapped simply with the same burlap ribbon!~ Let’s face it. There’s something about candles in groupings that are magical, and when they’re beautiful….why NOT have them on display and easy access!


Let us know what you think!

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