Are you ready for horse racing? WE ARE!

Gold Horsebit Necklace @ house

With the races right around the corner, we just got in some incredible jewelry that you must simply add to your attire!  Who doesn’t love a great horse bit! 🙂  Now, if you would like, you can get our horsebit necklace seen to the left for $44.95 (shorter size available for less)!  Available in both gold and silver! Or you can get this Gucci version for over $5200!

Gucci's $5200 similar item

We also have these beautiful horse bit bracelets in leather and enamel! So divine…..There are designer versions of these out there from Ralph Lauren and….. well, we’ll just leave it at THEY ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE! 🙂  Ours are not! If you love, don’t hestitate….the races will be here before you know it! (ALL AVAILABLE TO SHIP)

ours $24.95, Hermes' $500

genuine leather gold bit bracelet


Let us know what you think!

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