Posted by housebyjsd on 05/18/2012 in FYI |5 Comments

We’re trying to get a rough idea of the # of people coming Thursday night for our skirt! Magazine After Work Party!! Saul Good needs to know how many people we’re expecting! 🙂 They’re catering free food and WINE! 🙂

We are not looking to RSVP just a general # of people! We don’t want to run out of food…or worse yet….WINE! 🙂 We are looking for a good idea of # by Monday at 5pm…so don’t procrastinate! 🙂




  1. Eileen says:

    Love your events Skirt!

  2. Loved the event and found an amazing gift. Can’t wait to return. Thank you!

    • housebyjsd says:

      We’re so glad you found something for a wonderful gift! We have lots of great new things on the way! Thank you for coming last night! We all had a blast!

  1. […] you are planning on coming to the Thursday night event, please click here to just let us know! We need to get an idea of the # of people coming! Rate this: Share […]

  2. […] work, I’m hoping to attend a “skirt! After Work” party for a grand opening of House, an interior design and housewares store in Lexington. They’re having a grand opening sale […]

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