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Posted by housebyjsd on 08/24/2012 in FYI |2 Comments

collection of old trophies

I have somewhat an addiction with trophies.  I love them.  Not really new ones, but old old old ones.  I like them tarnished, dirty, and forgotten looking.  And…if you were wondering…NO, I’m not one of those that love to polish my silver.  I know that the tarnish eats the silver, but the truth is nothing I own is that valuable to worry about!
I have several of them, probably around 15 or so, sprinkled around the house in small collections, of just vintage wonderfulness.  Every time I buy a new one, I’m asked “What are you going to do with that?”  And consistently my answer has been “Nothing, it’s just going to be pretty.”
I’ve been proud of that answer until I recently realized that I might actually have to do something with some of them at one point.  In figuring out my future possible plan,  I thought I would share a few of those ideas with you!

a trophy crock!

How about in the kitchen as a utensil crock!  I love it!  I realize that the silver piece in the picture is actually a ice bucket, but you could easily change that out to a trophy!  How divine!

napkin holder

This has to be the perfect addition to any butler’s pantry, or even food table at an event!  I love the idea of rolling the napkins, and gathering the silverware setting it in trophies to be used!  This picture alone, this actually makes me want to host a party!

first place succulents!

If trophies couldn’t get any better, put them with my other love, succulents, and it’s about enough to send me over the edge with FABU!


  1. jeri says:

    Love trophies too~ Where do you find yours? I have checked ebay but they seem expensive to bid on. I wanted to spend maybe 30 – 60 per trophy… Is that possible?

    • housebyjsd says:

      Trophies have always been in high demand, we have some trophies in the store that are in your price range, however they are on the smaller size. I’m unsure what size you’re looking for. Ebay is not the way to go for trophies, you’ll have better luck just chancing on one somewhere locally instead of power bidding against somebody across the country! 🙂

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