Christmas Video!!!!

We told you it was coming! So here it is!  This is a great “Why I shop at house” video to share your friends and family! Be sure to like and share!


  1. merry christmas, house!!! warmly, -melanie-

  2. srenatee says:

    Cannot wait to visit from the Ashland area! Always make your shop a first stop!

  3. Debbie Chmielewski says:

    I loved the video of your Christmas decorations! They are beautiful!
    I hope to get to Lexington soon to capture the holiday spirit at your store .
    Your store is so unique, I love it!
    Happy Holidays House!!!

    Debbie Chmielewski

  4. Matt Marlowe says:

    Love the new store, can’t wait for THE sale!

  5. Stephanie Partin says:

    Love, Love, Love House! …Stephanie

  6. Francie Fresh says:

    Just watching the video makes me happy, being IN the store will make e delirious!

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