From hives in Cynthiana, KY, this is a great gift with a fun story and an even better taste!

Jane Thomas harvests this honey from her hives that rest on her Family Cemetery! When Jane moved back home to live on the farm that had been in her family since 1790, she had no clue that she would eventually starting raising bees for honey!  She had always been interested in them, due to her grandfather raising bees.  So with a little interest, off she went, with one hive the first year, 3 the second, and now she has many more than that!

It’s available only at house in three sizes!!! Small Bear $2.50, Small Jar $6.95, and Medium Jar $10.95!  Quantities are limited, and believe us when we say that it tastes great!

Jane says that the taste of the honey is lighter and sweeter this year, due to the abundance of white clover! What a great gift with a fun story!

Let us know what you think!

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