Local First Saves! Plaid Ribbon!

Posted by housebyjsd on 10/30/2013 in FYI |2 Comments

20131030-233422.jpgIt’s always nice to be reminded that shopping local, is not only a great way to be supportive of your community, but it also saves you money!

For example……This beautiful “PLAID” ribbon that looks like a certain high end brand plaid you probably know…..(rhymes with ‘durberry’) can be purchased from Frontgate.com for almost $70 a bolt.  We have the same ribbon for almost HALF of that, and if you purchase it during the Christmas Open House, you save 20% OFF of that price!

See the screen shot below from Frontgate.com, as well as our ribbon that we have on a tree in the store!



Screenshot from Frontgate.com


Our Plaid Ribbon mixed with some other divine ribbons!


  1. Nancy Thomas says:

    Guys, I have been out of town for weeks and now my hubby has had back surgery and I’m a month behind on everything and missed your open houses and I want this ribbon !! Who can make it happen ???

    Nancy Thomas

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