Before And After

ba2bPeople always ask us “what special tree” do we use to decorate the store with.  And the honest answer is, there is NO SPECIAL tree, we just use the same kind of tree many of you use! It’s just what we add to it, to make it special! It’s amazing what the right combination of items can do for your tree!  You can do it, we promise!





  1. Mary says:

    The jury is in: we have all looked at it and the Before picture is an Evergreen and the After picture is a Pine Tree?

    • housebyjsd says:

      Mary, the the tree in the “before” side, is the same in the “after” side, the only difference is that the “after” side has been decorated with greenery picks, magnolia leaf, green berries, poinsettia, birch, sugar pinecones, and ornaments. We started with a normal plain traditional PVC tree (one you can find anywhere), and then added many different textures and layers of greenery picks to create the appearance of surface of the tree. I took the after picture on the opposite side facing the other way, you can see the corner of the bookcase in the background. Hands on the Bible, it’s the same tree! I’ll repost another before and after from our Christmas in July Event this summer to show you another example. If you would like, come on in to the store, and we’ll undecorate a tree so you can see for yourself!

      Here’s a video that starts with me decorating a green tree and turning it into a flocked/snow tree with picks. The picks totally change the way the tree appears!

    • housebyjsd says:

      Also see this post from this summer for our Christmas In July sale! Same tree, same perspective, just decorated!

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