Making a LUSH evergreen garland!

Check out this video of Jeremy creating a lush garland, by taking a boring garland and  mixing in three different evergreen picks.   You’ll be amazed at how simple it is, and what a difference 3 different stems can do!  Be sure to like and share below if you enjoy

Suggested quantities of items: (per 9′ traditional garland)

  • 1 1/2  6′ Long needle pine garland (you can do 1 6′ pc if you cut it up to 1′ pcs and spread out)
  • 3 pieces of cedar, cut into 2 pcs each
  • 3 to 5 Magnolia leaf stems

(these are merely suggestions, and can be made more or less full by your digression)

UPDATE: OCT 15, 2015!!!!!!! WE HAVE ALL PRODUCT INSTOCK FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON!  Pick it up in the store, or we also will ship so you can have a beautiful garland WHEREEVER you are!



You may also remember this blog post from last year about a garland before and after! 🙂



  1. Just perfection! Thanks so much.

  2. Betty Wesley says:

    Love it, Looks easy enough to try.

  3. these video posts are my favorites! jeremy, you’ve outdone yourself!!! warmly, -melanie-

  4. Jessica Dooley says:

    Wonderful tutorial!! Jeremy, you are so talented!!

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