Tree Before and After: Super Sonic Speed!

People often have a hard time believing that our trees start off like everybody elses, plain old PVC.

Watch us take this boring old tree, and turn it into a lush Equestrian insprired Christmas Tree….in 23 seconds…..  well, 23 seconds with the help of fast forward and computers!

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  1. May I hire you for 23 seconds? 😉 As always, luvvvv!

  2. Lorraine says:

    I have followed you guys from store to store since you were on Floyd and
    you just get better and more creative each year. I always visit your
    shop when I am in Lexington. Was there in July right before your Christmas
    in July and all I can say is “Outstanding”. Loved your 23 sec. tree decorating.

    • housebyjsd says:

      Thank you so much Lorraine! We appreciate your kind words abd support through the years more than you’ll ever know. The truth is, when we’re wore out, covered in sweat and glitter, hearing a comment like this is what keeps us going. Thank you!

  3. Donetta Oldham says:

    I saw you guys on wlex 18 this morning. I love your concepts your hard work. Your store is extraordinary! You guys have got the right idea to make any home or business festive for the holidays. Keep up the good work!

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