TOPS / Our 5th Birthday Party Parking Solutions

Due to the popularity of our little area, parking has become difficult at times during the day, and we just wanted to give you a heads up where you can find parking in our area during our TOPS 5th Birthday Celebration! There are mulitple parking areas, as well as on street parking. In the above image, accessible parking spaces are highlighted in green.

You can always park in our front lot, or any of the lots behind our store (PLEASE USE OUR BACK ENTRANCE TO COME IN, you do not have to walk all of the way around to come in), as well as any of the street parking on both Walton and National. For our special event with TOPS, you can also use Willis Klein parking lot and Fergusons parking lot.

We look forward to seeing you April 1st!!! It’s always TOPS biggest event of the year!

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  1. […] We expect there to be a lot of people coming and going that night, and parking will be a little more difficult than normal, SOOOO For parking information, please be sure to see Parking Information Blog. […]

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