stop the ugly!

The truth of the matter is that….there is ugly out there in the world, and as a friend, family, sister, companion, or even as an enemy…we owe it to our loved ones, to let them know there there is instead beauty in the world.

We are of course discussing…OLD UGLY SILK FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS.  Is there any more evil of an evil in this world? We think not!

Jeremy’s rule is this “If the flower arrangement looks like it’s from the televison set of Mama’s Family, it’s time to let that floral arrangement go to that great dumpster in the sky.”

The news that provides hope for us all, is that in the last 30 years, tremendous ground has been covered and there are incredible artificial flowers that can fool even the most scrupulous of eyes!

So we’re asking for your help in our great crusade to STOP THE UGY!  Drop everything and bring in your friends and family that need our help.  Help us rid the world of this….

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If you haven’t been in the store, we have florals that are incredibly life like and are at great prices!  Can you tell which one of these arrangements is fake and not real??

am I real?


am i real?


am i real?

It’s hard to tell isn’t it! A lot different than the old silk florals shown at the top isn’t it!!!!  Please join forces with us, and help us STOP THE UGLY! Combined we can make the world a better and beautiful place! Click here to see some beautiful examples of artificial flower arrangements in our store!

OH…and if you’re still wondering….The fake arrangement was…all of them.

Mama doesn’t want your old flowers either!


  1. This has got to be the funniest page EVER!! And ssoo TRUE! Keep up the amazing job and “Just Say NO to UGLY!”

  2. I love this! Awesome job!

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